Outrun Software | Case Study: Select Group
Outrun is a software development company that identifies productivity roadblocks and writes software that distils and filters business data for massive productivity gains.
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14 Apr Case Study: Select Group

Problem: Help, how do we manage terabytes of email!

Client background:

Select Group offer a full range of services delivering professional architectural, surveying, planning and project management with offices in Melbourne, Geelong and Adelaide. Their clients are retailers, developers, builders, government agencies and not-for-profit organisations who use their end to end development solutions to “give life to their ideas”.


Select Group have a large team of professionals working on projects such as the Aldi supermarket development; this collaboration between internal staff and external clients and numerous suppliers creates a significant email chain of documents.
The problem was three-fold:

  1. How do I share a document that I’ve personally received with multiple members of staff located in separate offices?
  2. How do I maintain a consistent naming convention for all emails that relate to a project?
  3. How do I store and then locate those emails at a later date?

What we did about it:

We developed an Outlook Add-In so that every email that was received, sent, replied or forwarded would allow the user to easily amend the subject line by pre-pending the name of the project to enforce a consistent naming format. The email could then be automatically stored in a central file location based on project name chosen. In this manner anybody within the Select Group can easily search and locate the email.

Client feedback:

“say something here please perhaps limited budget, multiple versions of Outlook, hardware topology ….

Troy Aberline and Brian Emmett

Rob Gordon