Outrun Software | Quickest ROI for your business? An Excel Power User
Outrun is a software development company that identifies productivity roadblocks and writes software that distils and filters business data for massive productivity gains.
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08 Feb Quickest ROI for your business? An Excel Power User

Excel just might be the greatest piece of software ever developed. Massive swathes of the economy rely on the program, and it’s likely that your company has hundreds of very important spreadsheets. Perhaps the quickest ROI you can make in your business, is to increase your staffs level of expertise with Excel, or find an excel power user to assist you.

Here’s are 3 what-if scenarios, where developing a macro to replace a daily task can save varying time, effort and dollars:


Clearly lots of variables here, but with conservative guestimates, a macro that saves just two minutes per day equates to almost an entire workday over a year.

We think that any repetitive excel work is not only tedious it’s just plain $$$$$$$ crazy.

How many Excel power users does your organisation have?

To be considered an Outrun Excel Power user, you need to have a bag of tricks, with the grand-daddy of them all being a library of VBA functions that you can import into any spreadsheet.
If you are looking to up-skill your own Excel knowledge then the following list is a good starting point:

  1. Learn how to combine VLOOKUP, ISNA and IF formulae?
  2. Find out when INDEX and MATCH blow the pants off VLOOKUP?
  3. Concatenation with length, left, mid and right – make these second nature for text manipulation
  4. Learn how and when to Pivot
  5. Start writing VBA macros ASAP

Want to ramp up your own Excel ability?

Flick through the slides below for a quick tutorial. How do you rate?

We are consistently amazed at how some very clever people use Excel to do some extraordinary things. For instance take Nobuya Chikada and his interpretation of Pacman, and the utterly ridiculous Tatsuo Horiuchi and his works of art.

Have you written something truly awesome in Excel? We’d love to hear from you.

If you need some Excel help – don’t hesitate to ask – we can save you a lot of time and money. It’s also a low risk way to see how good we could be for your company.

Rob Gordon